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From the hard work and R&D that’s been accomplished, AGRA Energy looks forward to 2022 to bring forth much progress in our Business and Field Operations.

And remember … always strive to reduce your “carbon hoof-print!”

Agra Energy Corporate Mission Summary
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In June of 2021, Agra Energy placed an order with Primoris to build the first commercial system, which will be placed on a dairy and process the waste methane from 6,000 cows and convert that into 45 BPD of clean renewable synthetic fuel to offset fossil fuel in the USA. System delivery is scheduled for August 2022. Learn more here.


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has partnered with Agra Energy Corp. to promote a new technology that converts biogas to fuel.

The renewable solution makes use of Agra Energy’s Micro-GTL (gas-to-liquids) technology that converts methane-rich biogas into liquid fuels that meet diesel fuel specifications.

“Agra Energy’s partnership with UW Oshkosh supports our mission to implement renewable energy solutions that shift consumption away from fossil fuels,” said Gary D. Simpson, founder, chairman and CEO of Agra Energy of Irvine, California. “Our innovative technology is leading to an evolution in the GTL process, enabling broad commercial and cost-effective application, and reducing carbon atoms impacting the atmosphere.”

A Micro-GTL pilot unit is installed and connected to the UWO-operated digester on Allen Farms in Oshkosh. A portion of the biogas produced from the dairy manure is used to create synthetic fuel products.

Agra Energy and UW Oshkosh are dedicated to leading science innovations that will advance technology and drive economic opportunities within agriculture. Goals of the pilot project include:

  • Yielding results appropriate for commercial applications.
  • Producing fuel that meets diesel specifications.
  • Evaluating operations, controls and safety to support commercial design and manufacturing.
  • Creating academic research opportunities and student internship opportunities at Agra Energy labs.

“With a focus on sustainability, UW Oshkosh strives to be a powerful partner with regional agri-businesses by delivering cutting-edge engineering and energy solutions,” said Bob Roberts, vice chancellor of University Affairs at UWO. “This opportunity with Agra Energy allows our students to combine their dedication to academics and on-site lab work with a vision for the future.”

“Our strategic plan is to create a new industry that converts biogas from agricultural businesses into a new source of scalable, renewable fuels across the country,” said Tony Long, president and chief technology officer of Agra Energy. “We are striving to be a catalyst for change within the global energy industry.”

Agra Energy and UW Oshkosh also are pursuing research and development opportunities through underlying grants to advance technology and provide students with career preparation and pathways to employment in the engineering and renewable energy sectors.


AGRA Energy’s commitment to progress, innovation and renewable energy extends beyond business to the very communities that we engage. We want to inspire. We want to lead. We want to transform.

With that mission, we believe that knowledge is the key to understanding. It will motivate big changes in the ways people use energy. It can help alleviate the impact we are having on our planet.

As a team, we are committed to educating, encouraging and empowering people of all ages to learn about energy so we can all make smart choices for our communities and the environment!

One of AGRA Energy’s first partners in this initiative is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson in Los Angeles County, California.


AGRA Energy’s commitment to progress, innovation and renewable energy extends beyond business to the very communities that we engage. We want to inspire. We want to lead. We want to transform.

Waste from cities, restaurants and farms across the nation presents a problem because of resulting greenhouse gas emissions, but innovative technology developed by Southern Research could soon help address environmental concerns and spark investment that supports dynamic change.

Under a licensing deal that is the first of its kind, Southern Research’s Energy & Environment (E&E) division is providing an Irvine, California-based company with patented technology and specialized equipment for a “waste-to-energy” project.

Agriculture is a key marketspace for Agra Energy Corp. By partnering with dairy farmers across the nation, Agra Energy intends to use an advanced chemical-conversion process developed by Southern Research scientists to turn cow manure into clean, renewable fuels conventionally produced from crude oil.

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